Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth on Your Own

Now more than ever, a white smile has become an important asset. White teeth are associated with good oral health and have been known to make better first impressions socially and professionally. If you are considering whitening your teeth, there are a few tricks you can try before scheduling an appointment with your local dentist.

Brush and floss: Neglecting to keep up with an oral hygiene routine will lead to a plaque-ridden and dull smile. Make sure to brush twice a day and floss at least once a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy and bright.

Keep your gums healthy: Although brushing your teeth will eliminate plaque from the tooth’s surface, flossing targets the spaces in between teeth and keeps your gums healthy. Pink gums make your smile appear whiter, so make sure you keep them healthy by flossing.

Stay away from staining liquids: If you are serious about whitening your smile, you should refrain from drinking beverages such as coffee, black tea, and red wine. These drinks will stain your tooth enamel, so keep your distance or drink them through a straw.

Munch on fruits and vegetables: Eating fruits and vegetables helps clean the surface of your teeth and also produces saliva, which works to eliminate additional bacteria.

Try over-the-counter whitening kits: Contrary to popular belief, over-the-counter-whitening methods do work. Although they usually only target the front-facing teeth, they can work for a quick whitening fix.

Schedule an appointment at Lublin Dental Center: The best and most efficient way to whiten your teeth is to opt for a chair-side whitening procedure with your local dentist. A professional whitening procedure targets all of the teeth and whitens better than any other method available.

At Lublin Dental Center, we provide a variety of teeth whitening methods based on your desired outcome. Professional whitening procedures such as GLO Science Teeth Whitening, Zoom! Teeth Whitening, and BriteSmile in-office whitening are proven to create bright and beautiful smiles, and are available in our office.

For more information, contact our Brooklyn, NY dental office today!

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