Friday, July 24, 2015

Dental Care for a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Even though the outer layer of your tooth, the enamel, is the hardest mineralized tissue in your body, it is not foolproof. Teeth that are weakened by decay are susceptible to breaking when biting on something hard like ice and any tooth can be damaged by oral trauma. It’s always best to call your dentist as soon as they are available, but there are some things you can do yourself until your appointment arrives.

  • If your tooth is aching, take an over the counter pain reliever and rinse your mouth with salt water.
  • If there is a sharp edge that bothers your tongue or cheek, you can purchase dental wax at a local pharmacy or use sugar free gum to cover the jagged edge.
  • Eat soft foods and try to avoid biting and chewing on that side of the mouth.

Treatment for a broken or chipped tooth

Your dentist will evaluate the damage to the tooth with an x-ray or digital image of the tooth to determine what procedure would work best to restore its integrity. Depending on the severity of the damage, there are several procedures that will bring health and beauty back to your smile.

Tooth-colored fillings - If you have lost off a small piece of tooth enamel, your dentist will fill the void with a composite resin. This material will bond to your tooth for a seamless smile.
Inlay/Onlay - Will restore a larger area that covers more than one surface of your tooth.
Crown (cap) - If you lost a large piece of tooth, or there is decay or other fillings present, your dentist will file away a portion of the weakened tooth and place a permanent crown on top to protect the remaining tooth, restoring your bite and the aesthetic look of your smile.
Root Canal - If the entire top part of your tooth has been compromised, your dentist will perform a root canal treatment then place a pin or a post in the canal of the tooth and attach a crown to it.

When restoring teeth with a crown or root canal treatment, you can expect to have at least two dental appointments. The first involves pre-treatment with a temporary tooth in place. The second visit is a simpler process of fitting the final restoration permanently in place. Some dentists have the equipment to build a crown in the office in an hour during your initial visit.

Lublin Dental Center care for damaged teeth

When left alone, a damaged tooth will progressively get worse. Please contact our Brooklyn office to schedule an appointment right away. Our friendly staff at Lublin Dental Center will listen to your concerns and fit you in as soon as possible.  

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